Insights Defining your purpose in Martech will enable you to streamline

Defining your purpose in Martech will enable you to streamline

Just when we thought the “new norm” around COVID-19 was easing, it seems to be back. And one of the main things that has become very apparent in Martech is the need to use technologies to simplify and bring order to the chaos of everyday life.

In a world where there is so much technology and so many processes, we are committed to helping you implement lasting change and empowering you with new knowledge and skills. While many look set to work remotely for the long term, maybe even forever, it’s important to keep information clear and concise. Marketeers will be remotely collaborating with many internal departments, including IT, legal, PR and procurement, so it is more important than ever to have streamlined, concise, clear and smart communications with all parties.

Pragmatic solutions and purpose are the key insights here; ensure you are very clear on the purpose and requirements for any technology before you introduce it to your environment – this will help you develop it in a rational way.

We often talk about shiny new toy syndrome. In the current climate it would be easy to reach out and grab all the technology you can, within your budget; anything that can help you achieve your objectives in what is a very competitive climate. Don’t. It’s never more important to stay true to what you actually want the technology to do. What’s more, having less will make you more efficient, cost effective and lean. The trick is to successfully harness the power of marketing technology and establish the tools already at your disposal as a key catalyst for business growth.

Look at your current technology stack. How complex is it? Is everyone in the team actively using it? Does everyone understand it? Many capabilities will exist within your current technology stack that will do lots of interesting (and convoluted) things. However, many users get stuck at the basics due to there being too many bolt ons. Think about using this time productively to enable everyone in the team to fully understand and become educated on what Martech you already have in place and what its capabilities are. Consider onboarding some training to equip your team with new knowledge and new skills. Above all, be supportive.

Define a model that suits your business and make sure it lives beyond a piece of paper. Ask yourself what data you are trying to collect. What technology is best placed to capture, process and store that data? What do you want that data to do and how does all your data need to connect together?

Overall, it’s important to focus on clarity rather than consistency. Clear governance will enable you to make clear decisions when you look at your future technology needs. Developments and updates will be realised with clear ownership of both the whole stack and individual technologies. This is how functionality is optimised. Realise the need for identification and sharing of best practice – internal and external – because this will ensure the organisation is always learning and constantly pushing forwards in terms of maturity. It will also help you harness the full power of your Martech in a bid to future-proof your business.

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