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Meet Iain McElroy

Meet Iain McElroy

We are delighted to introduce Iain McElroy who has joined the team as Senior CRM & Analytics Consultant. His passion for delivering leading-edge solutions is matched by his intellectual curiosity and a desire to discover what's new and how this can be applied. He thrives in an environment where he can showcase his problem-solving skills while providing expertise on how to drive the most benefit from all the data that is generated by marketing and sales activity. Here he shares a bit more about his career and role within team WoolfHodson:

Tell us more about your role?

This is a new role at WoolfHodson, focusing on the CRM side of MarTech implementations and where it blends into sales processes, but also looking at how to drive the most benefit from all the data that is generated by marketing and sales activity.

What attracted you to work at WoolfHodson?

The fact that it's not just a technology implementation consultancy - we also look at the processes and people aspects to make sure it sticks!

Why is Martech a good industry to work in?

It's at the cutting edge of digitalisation, where automation and AI have the potential to transform how businesses go to market.

What skills do you need to work in Martech? And in particular, at WoolfHodson?

Intellectual curiosity - not being satisfied with the status quo or delivering a 'one size fits all' solution.

What is your one tip on how to get ahead in the Martech industry?

It's not just about the technology - make sure you understand the full landscape, such as the compliance and legal considerations!

What’s your career highlight?

Transitioning a luxury automotive manufacturer from a shotgun email marketing approach to delivering more targeted, journey-based digital experiences.

What’s the biggest Martech challenge you’ve worked on?

Rolling out a Distributed Marketing platform for a global automotive dealer network - I very quickly became an expert in explaining why email security features such as SPF and DKIM are so important!

How did you overcome this challenge?

Selling in the benefits to the senior leadership team of each dealership with a real-world demonstration, and then collaborating directly with their technical support teams to do the technical implementation.

What are your top tips for keeping things simple when you tackle complex Martech projects?

Break it down, both for the initial discovery phase but also the implementation. Have a realistic roadmap for what you can implement and when - it's not just about rolling out new technology, it's as much about the people adapting to new ways of working and the processes that will evolve alongside this.

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