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Meet Jess Cooper

Meet Jess Cooper

Jess Cooper joined us last summer as Martech Consultant. Here, Jess shares her thoughts on the industry, working in a pandemic workplace and what the future holds for Martech.

What made you choose the Martech sector?

I’ve always enjoyed working with technology and seeing how it has grown over the past decade is amazing. Martech gives you the ability to not only work with new and upcoming innovations but allows you to adapt these to specific business environments. I really enjoy taking a Martech project from the initial client brief and desired set of requirements through to its delivery; creating a best in class solution and watching it perform in real-time.

What attracted you to WoolfHodson and what does your role involve?

The diverse client portfolio. I have the chance to work on lots of really exciting projects, that differ with every client. My role is to develop and deliver best-in-class solutions for a range of client organisations to help them meet their marketing challenges.

My colleagues in the business continually support and encourage me, and their passion for driving leading Martech solutions is by far the best. This is a really exciting company to be part of, and their respect and support is really helping me to grow within the Martech industry.

How have you found working in ‘the new normal’ – any key learnings/ challenges?

It took a couple of weeks for me to adjust to the ‘new normal’, but I think that we can learn a lot from this. It worked well to have regular check-in calls with the team, not always focused on work-related topics, but a personal catch-up. Normally, within an office environment, you would always have these chats while making a cup of tea or going out for a walk at lunch. It’s so easy to become isolated while working from home, and these regular catch-ups provided a nice break time, allowing me to informally interact with the team.

Describe an average day.

Each day is completely different! We have our standard day to day routines, but normally, each day will bring its own to-do list, working across various clients to deliver the best solutions. We have various experts within the team, which allows me to work with different members across different projects, on particular areas of focus.

How do you keep up with the latest industry developments?

I tend to keep on top of the latest industry announcements and projects through online industry platforms on a daily basis. I also have a dedicated social account that looks at the latest news for tech companies big and small. I find this extremely helpful, especially when there is so much movement in the market.

What excites you the most about the industry and emerging tech?

Watching how much Martech has changed since I first joined the industry is incredible. The amount of technology we have at our disposal continues to grow, allowing us to continually evolve and learn about new platforms.

I think the next five years will be phenomenal for Martech, and given the current circumstances around COVID-19 we’re already seeing a huge push towards Marketing Technology. It’ll be exciting to see what the next couple of years hold for the industry.

What was your last read?

Permission Marketing – Seth Godin. This was a gift when I first started in the industry and I still frequently revisit this book. I would recommend taking the time to read it, there are some very interesting concepts on Permission Marketing.

Podcast recommendations?

When in the office, Podcasts were my go-to instead of music. Since the move to working from home, I’ve not listened to them as much as I normally would. Typically, I would listen to podcasts related to unsolved mysteries. I find these really interesting, especially from a problem-solving perspective.

How have you found starting a new role in a remote working environment?

Starting a new role is a big jump on its own, let alone working remotely! I missed not being in the office, the perks of setting up your new workspace and not being able to meet my teammates face to face was unusual. But you do adjust, and learn to make it work for yourself and the team. It’s important to always stay in touch, even if it’s five minute calls throughout the day.

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