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Meet Tim Wilson

Meet Tim Wilson

We are delighted that Tim Wilson joined our growing team of problem solvers as a Senior Marketing Technology Consultant. Tim brings an in-depth understanding of complex marketing technology challenges that he turns into simplified solutions. He is an expert in joining the dots and eliminating noise in the ever-dynamic Martech space and here he shares his experience, challenges and motivators in his role:

Tell us more about your role?

As a Senior Marketing Technology Consultant typically I’ll work on multiple projects at a time for clients in varying sectors. Projects may range from process improvements to implementing new instances and integration with CRM systems. I analyse client’s business needs and translate their requirements to the best possible solutions. Using marketing automation technologies, I design, build, implement, test, deploy and maintain solutions based on best practice.

What attracted you to work at WoolfHodson?

Having moved away from agency life for a couple of years to experience things from a client perspective, it was an opportunity for me to re-enter the consulting arena alongside a dynamic, passionate and highly skilful team working with some incredibly high profile, international clients.

Why is Martech a good industry to work in?

Working in Martech can be compared to ‘herding cats’. It is incredibly challenging but at the same time super interesting and no two days are ever the same. Because all clients are different, there are a number of solutions/platforms available within the Martech arena which provides great scope for knowledge expansion.

What skills do you need to work in Martech? And in particular, at WoolfHodson?

Patience and perseverance are key when working within Martech. The right solution is not always the first one you find so having the ability to focus and execute solutions under pressure is key.

What is your one tip on how to get ahead in the Martech industry?

Try and look at things from a 10,000-foot view instead of a pavement view. It gives you the bigger picture and helps to put things into perspective.

What’s your career highlight?

The first project I delivered as a Marketing Automation Developer. Not only did I have to deliver the project, which was a multi-lingual, multi-cultural campaign across 23 countries, I had to learn how to use Eloqua throughout the process. There was nothing more satisfying than pressing the ‘GO’ button once the build had been successfully completed. Nerve-wracking but satisfying.

What’s the biggest Martech challenge you’ve worked on?

Working client-side for a group of companies where each of the companies had their own specific requirement but all included a full Salesforce and Pardot implementation, integration and set-up. Juggling a lot of balls simultaneously was the challenge.

How did you overcome this challenge?

Planning, prioritisation and effective communication were key in getting these projects over the line.

What are your top tips for keeping things simple when you tackle complex Martech projects?

Always consider how or what you are proposing or delivering will impact on the client and/or the end-user. We are in the business of providing solutions. If those solutions are too complex for the client and/or end-user to work with then they are no longer solutions, they become problems.

What’s your biggest career or life lesson?

Firstly, whatever opportunity presents itself to you, grab it with both hands and do whatever is required of you to the best of your ability. Secondly, Abraham Lincoln popularised a phrase that I have taken to heart, “This too shall pass”. Never let adversity keep you from moving forward. Stop, wait, move on.

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