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Nurture framework design

Nurture framework design

Develop a framework of relevant, personalised journeys to drive engagement and increase pipeline conversions.

This global technology company was generating high numbers of leads through channels such as content syndication and online advertising, but once engaged there was no defined 'next best action'. They either lay dormant or received sporadic 'batch and blast' communications that resulted in low conversion rates from initial lead to marketing qualification.

What we did

Working closely with creative and messaging agencies we developed a prospect nurture framework that captured the prospects 'biggest pain point' , implicit and explicit, to provide them with a series of relevant, personalised communications.

These 'journeys' were mapped to the marketing funnel and enabled individuals to 'raise their hand' at any stage should they wish to speak to sales or engage with a different topic should they shift interest as they learnt more.

Working closely with marketing leadership, we were able to develop a series of actionable reports to measure the impact of marketing on business performance (CRM dashboards) as well as the performance of discreet marketing assets (MAP reports). From this we were able to track timely movement through the journeys, stumbling points and specific areas for future optimisation.


Through this framework the organisation was able to:

  • understand different needs and requirements of their prospect base
  • delivered increasingly segmented and targeted interactions
  • increase the velocity of prospects through the marketing funnel
  • improve conversion rates through the marketing / sales qualified
  • improve the quality and relevance of sales follow up conversations resulting in higher success rate when booking meetings.
Nurture framework design

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