Insights Consent / maximising data reach

Consent / maximising data reach

Consent / maximising data reach

Ensure regulatory compliance whilst maximising marketing database reach and improving engagement rates.

This global consulting organisation had an inconsistent approach to the capture, management and use of consent data.

As they moved into an integrated state between MAP and CRM this approach presented a high level of risk and needed addressing.

The key to success was creating a balance between marketing needs and risk mitigation.

What we did

To address the challenge we worked with legal and compliance teams to understand the organisations:

  • risk profile
  • approach to regional legislation
  • longer term approach to privacy

Alongside this we consumed and interpreted the existing Privacy Policy to ensure we were clear on the parameters from which to work.

We also worked closely with marketing teams to understand the existing operational processes so we could deliver a holistic gap analysis and specify required changes to deliver a compliant solution.

This enabled us to define a process through which to manage consent, operationalise this process and support in the migration of existing data into the new approach.


Through this process the organisation was able to:

  • Re-permission a large proportion of their existing 'un-marketable' database
  • Have a robust operational process for the management of all new records both from marketing and sales sources
  • Provide a compliant audit trail for all records within the database - whether legacy or new
  • Create a simple way for marketing to identify who was and was not marketable
  • Report on the marketable vs non-marketable dataset; design and deploy tactics to increase reach, whether through other channels, or ongoing re-engagement / re-permissioning campaigns.
  • Increase levels of engagement across audience groups due to trust built through transparency.
Consent / maximising data reach

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